Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We transmit orders from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays and, of course, weekends. Our packages are dispatched within the first 24 hours of received order.

Sacreddazzle has two shipping options, Regular and Express. Express shipping takes 2 to 3 days to deliver the ordered product while Regular shipping needs 4 to 5 days at a stretch. The charges will be different in both the cases and will be displayed once the checkout is being carried. By default, our shipment is set to Regular shipping. The customer has to explicitly select Express shipping if they want to get the product early.

The charges displayed on the website are applicable from our country's or state's warehouse to the address. These are not inclusive of additional charges like import taxes, other local charges as per customer's post office or state government's rule. Hence, a customer must pay extra and be informed about the import charges and other import norms that their country has intimated. You will be accountable for not receiving your products due to your own rejection of before-mentioned extra payments.

Ensure that you are or someone else is available to receive the parcel. If not, it will be held at your post office in accordance with their policy of postal returns. So, please check the post office after the estimated days of delivery and inform us if they got nothing.

The possibility of natural catastrophes and human-based hinderance cannot be disregarded. There might occur natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, drought, famine, tsunami, OR intentional terrorist activities, riots, fire, nuclear explosion, etc. which would halt the procedure for some time. We then wait for it to subside, OR cancel everything with the full money refund. You will always be informed whichever decision we would take.

Return policy

Our Return policy states our customer's return on any package that they had purchased. If a customer gets a broken, OR wrong product in count, type or size, they have absolute right to ask for returning back the product. We do not take a very long time but a few days would be a necessity as the process needs time. After a successful evaluation, the product is either replaced with the fresh one or the money will be refunded. We deny the returns if the time limit is exceeded even if your case is genuine. Moreover, we won't accept if there is no fault at all and you have already got the parcel.


We refund if the following cases are confirmed to be true:

  •  You have specified full and absolutely correct postal address for the delivery also and have checked the post office, still have no clue about the product's whereabouts.
  •  The goods got accidentally destroyed and you found that broken right after opening the parcel.
  •  There were instants when the product received didn't match with the ordered products in terms of size, number or quantity, OR the product itself.

To solve any kind of matter the customer has to notify our customer care department to take proper measures. Your claims would be investigated to find out whether or not your case is genuine. Your money will not be refunded if your case is not justified.

Once proven to be true, the refund process will be executed quickly but that might get credited relatively late in your account. This is roughly between 10 to 15 days. If your account still hasn't got credits even after that, you must talk to the Credit card authorities.


Cancellations are only sanctioned if you inform about this within 24 hours of a completed order. But if it has already been dispatched the cancellations will still not be entertained. It will be unmanageable to cancel if the product is out for delivery from our warehouse, which sometimes takes just first few hours.

Kindly feel free to contact for more details or concerns.

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