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The Terms & Conditions, or “Terms and Conditions” or 'The Terms of Use' or simply 'The Terms' imply the same set of protocols which one must agree in order to use a service. Customers have to accept these to continue using our Website (www.sacreddazzle.com). Kindly keep everything well informed and understood by reading the following points:

Data Accuracy: Our site professionals make best efforts to have a perfect website, but we cannot warrant that everything would always be error-free. Consider that errors occur accidentally since these are all manual in nature. These mistakes could be anything like products' specifications, price structure, graphics, other texts, image display, etc. We do make corrections ASAP once we find out any and are open to people's input as well.

Minors participation: Minors are not encouraged; neither in visiting nor in any commercial transactions where money is involved. Hence, who falls under 18 years of age are advised to have at least one adult (parents or guardians) guide while using our website. You affirm that if anything occurs only you along with concerning parties would be held accountable.

Disagreements: It is natural to have disagreements sometimes between the merchant and the buyer due to miscommunication or extreme dissatisfaction in either of the parties. The controversies would be settled in court that legally follows the rules of Hong Kong and the final decision has to be accepted by everyone involved, despite whose side the support may appear.

Intellectual property: We own the site's intellectual properties such as trademark(s), logo, trade name(s), texts, service marks, graphics, images, and so on. We forbid our users from generating copies of any of these, as well as from participating in sharing with any third parties for private or commercial reasons; detection of whose would thus bring consequences.

Account termination: We hold the authority to suspend or cease any users account without notice. This is made to further safeguard others' as well as our data from breaching that we suspect. We add them all to our blacklist forever so that they never gain access. These users won't be able to continue our services anymore. In case you have any pending orders to be delivered, we will be cancelling it as well followed by an email containing the reasons. You will be given the time to prove your point(s), until then your account would be kept in halt. If you are proved to be innocent, the access would be gained back.

Reviews, comments, and testimonials: We receive reviews on a regular basis on our own site or other third party sites that have no links with us. Whatever written there is based on an individual's personal experience and developed perception. There are also third party sites that are meant to defame other sites for their private or commercial benefits to which the reliance held totally depends on whoever reads it. We hold the authority to edit or delete comments being written on our website, though we don't do that frequently. You may decide whether (or not) to buy our products that would be totally up to you.

Kindly contact us for more details and we would be delighted to provide you the much-needed assistance.

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Vital Specialty Limited

Room 702, 7/F, Fu Fai Commercial Centre,

27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

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