1) Do you have any physical store so that I could reach and buy?

A. For the time being, we do not have any brick-and-mortar for these displayed cosmetic products. But, we would definitely share that information via email if we start such thing in the coming future.


2) Are your products a hundred percent natural?

A) No, we do not claim our products to be completely natural. We can only say that few products may contain nature-identical extracts along with the chemical substitutes. For further information, you may visit specific product you are interested in, OR contact our customer care for assistance.


3) I would like to gift your products to somebody. Can I choose a different location to deliver?

A) Yes, absolutely! That can be done by editing the address each time you purchase. By doing this, countless products could be delivered to various parts of the world without trouble. Just the thing is, you cannot do this all at once.


4) How safe are your products?

A) Our products are clinically tested for safety. But still, different skin types may react differently. So before applying anything, first test it on a fragment of your skin. We advise consulting a doctor in case of allergies, though it is least likely anyway.


5) What is your customer detail security criteria?

A) Primarily, we make best attempts to never let our consumer's personal details get exposed under any condition. Although, we have to share a part of their details to enable the smooth process, such as sharing with the authorities of post/courier office, OR any legal investigation is going on and we ought to cooperate. Since everyone is bound to follow the protocols, nobody will take advantage.

We secure our customers' crucial details by the latest SSL technology in which their real Credit card information is encrypted in a machine-readable way. Moreover, this Credit card data of our is never saved for permanent and so one could be rest assured of being encapsulated.

For more information, please contact our customer care service for the assistance.

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