Botanical Extract Water Essence

Botanical Extract Water Essence

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Everyday stress makes it impossible for us to maintain a healthy skin care regime. For those who are dealing with busy lives and have to deal with dull, aging look, here is Botanical extract water essence from Carslan. The product is absolutely lightweight and delivers a mist of cool moisturizing water to your face.

For those who need a quick fix before a meeting, simply spray the water essence and voila. Your face will look moisturized and healthy while delivering a confident, chic look.

The water essence features all natural ingredients that stimulate the skin by increasing the blood circulation. It locks the moisture and keeps your skin hydrated all through the day. This will prevent damage from dry, cold climates or hot seasons that can prove detrimental on skin.

Use Botanical extract water essence whenever you can. It is light weight, compact and gentle on the skin.


Best for dry or oily skin types
Makes the skin much more breathable
Quickly gives the skin a healthier and refreshing look
A hypoallergenic product, it is gentle and safe on all skin

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